Help for Ukrainian children

Military operations in Ukraine led to destruction of many cities. Mothers with small children had to abandon their houses, most of them found shelter in Poland. The humanitarian needs of the youngest refugees are growing rapidly. WWN Foundation is involved in providing active help to Ukrainian children.

Ukrainian children in Polish kindergartens

In the current school year the number of preschoolers in one preschool group, taking into account their needs, interests, talents and type of disability, may be increased by a maximum of three children who are Ukrainian citizens.

Ukrainian orphans

There were ca. 98,000 children in Ukrainian orphanages before the war broke out. They will probably be successively evacuated to Poland with their guardians. For comparison, there are currently about 17,000 children in Polish orphanages.

Equalizing educational opportunities

Every child, no matter where they are born, should have equal educational and development opportunities. Attentive and sensitive caregivers are often responsible for strengthening the child's potential and discovering its talents.


The mission of the Foundation is, above all, to support the development of children by educating those, whose access to knowledge is limited and to eliminate barriers in this area. The activities of the Foundation also include a number of initiatives related to material and care support for children in a difficult situation. We also support all activities aimed at building social awareness in the field of environmental protection. We come out with a long-term message about the security of future generations in the face of a changing climate. Through well-established relations with educational and training institutions, research units and cooperation with chambers of commerce, associations and diplomatic institutions, we want to create innovative knowledge clusters that will facilitate raising citizens' climate awareness. Our passionate team can share many years of experience and knowledge, serve children and help those in need.


The most important provisions of the statute of the WWN Foundation 

1. The aims of the Foundation include in particular:

  • activities for the education of children and teenagers in the field of ecology, especially the dissemination and promotion of knowledge about water, its resources, possibilities of use, management and importance for humans;
  • activities for education about the effects and possibilities of preventing floods;
  • activities for the protection of the environment:
  • activities for the protection of the natural heritage, especially natural water resources;
  • activities related to providing aid and support to victims of natural disasters such as flood and drought;
  • activities for the benefit of culture and art, social welfare and charity.

2. The Foundation is a public benefit organization within the meaning of the Act of April 24, 2003 on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work.
3. The Foundation, apart from its basic activity, as an additional activity supporting the achievement of goals, may run a business activity.
4. Profits from business activity may be allocated only to the statutory activity and to achieve the Foundation's goals and its development.
5. The Foundation realizes its statutory goals, in particular through:

  • promotion and implementation of activities for the protection of the environment, in particular the protection of water resources;
  • organizing and supporting the education of the society, especially children and teenagers in the field of environmental protection, protection of water resources, sustainable development and water management;
  • building public awareness of the state of the natural environment and the health condition of Polish citizens;
  • supporting activities aimed at improving the condition of Poland's natural environment and the health of its inhabitants;
  • creating knowledge centres about water, as initiatives promoting knowledge about water, its resources and the need to protect natural resources;
  • promoting and creating platforms of understanding between sectors (private, public and non-governmental) enabling the implementation of the protection of natural resources, the state of health of the society, etc .;
  • collecting and working out material resources for the purpose of organizing, financing and supporting activities for the benefit of the Polish citizens affected by the effects of floods or droughts;
  • creating the material basis for the activities of ecological social movements and the practical implementation of their goals;
  • stimulating social pro-ecological initiatives and creating conditions for increasing their effectiveness;
  • creating organizational, material and technical conditions for the implementation of new solutions in the field of environmental protection, including water management;
  • promoting and participating in the free movement of ideas, scientific and technical thought and other values related to the protection and shaping of the environment between Poland and other countries;
  • participating in works of other foundations and associations;
  • giving awards for outstanding achievements and activities in environmental protection, in particular in the protection of water resources;
  • promotion of Polish ecological thought, research results and technical solutions in this field in Poland and abroad;
  • using the mass media to disseminate knowledge in the field of environmental protection and water management;
  • cooperation with state and social institutions and natural persons in the country and abroad, acting for and in the field of environmental protection.

6. In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation may support the activities of other legal persons conducting activities consistent with the Foundation's objectives.