Help for Ukrainian children

Military operations in Ukraine led to destruction of many cities. Mothers with small children had to abandon their houses, most of them found shelter in Poland. The humanitarian needs of the youngest refugees are growing rapidly. WWN Foundation is involved in providing active help to Ukrainian children.

Ukrainian children in Polish kindergartens

In the current school year the number of preschoolers in one preschool group, taking into account their needs, interests, talents and type of disability, may be increased by a maximum of three children who are Ukrainian citizens.

Ukrainian orphans

There were ca. 98,000 children in Ukrainian orphanages before the war broke out. They will probably be successively evacuated to Poland with their guardians. For comparison, there are currently about 17,000 children in Polish orphanages.

Equalizing educational opportunities

Every child, no matter where they are born, should have equal educational and development opportunities. Attentive and sensitive caregivers are often responsible for strengthening the child's potential and discovering its talents.